Methods to Clone Disk by using AOMEI Backupper

Image the situation in which you’ve got a little disk and it’s running from this free area. You’d love to replace it using a disk with more room but you need a couple of challenges. You do not wish to set up a working system, all programs and then configure all from scratch since it is going to consume as much moment. On the other side, in case you’ve no more than the personal or the company data which you would love to proceed, among those challenges would be to replicate them manually. Both options aren’t very convenient, therefore we’ll have to discover another manner. Another way is to clone you to a different disk.
There are dozens and dozens of tools which may encourage us for this undertaking. Within the following guide, we’ll reveal to you how you’re able to clone one disk to the next using software named AOMEI Backupper.Sometime AOMEI Backupper does not work due to one error in the task manager mostly people ask what is antimalware service executable Error in task manager you can find its answer easily.It’s a commercial and freeware version. So, what will be your AOMEI Backupper ? Even the AOMI Backupper Free tool is a user-friendly software that has a pair of features and plugins which may perform backup and recovery and a disk drive for Windows. You may read more info on their site.

AOMEI Backupper
So as to spell out the process of communicating disk, we’ll create a situation. We’ve got a desktop machine that’s running Windows 10 Guru, and only 1 disk, Samsung Evo 860 250 GB. Since we’re planning to save additional data on the disk, it will run from their free disk space. To be able to prevent that, we’ll clone this to a larger disk with 1 TB of free distance, Samsung Evo 860 1 TB. The AOMEI Backupper works with other Windows versions and variants including Windows Client and Windows Server.

Thus, let us begin with the procedure.

1. Open the Online Browser (Google Chrome, either Mozilla Firefox or other people )
2. Open AOMEI’s site by clicking the Hyperlink
3. Click the Download Freeware to download the AOMI Backupper
4. Install the AOMI Backupper by simply clicking on the installer and after the standard process of setup (Next Next –… — End ).
5. Open AOMI Backupper. You’ll the window shown in the screenshots
Click Clone to clone the disks
Select origin disk. In our situation, It’s Disk1 that is Samsung Evo 860 250 GB then click Next
Select destination disk drive. In our situation, It’s Disk0 that is Samsung Evo 860 1 TB then click Next
On the next screen check whether the origin and destination disks are right then clicked Start Clone
Wait till the cloning method is completed. The rate of this cloning procedure is dependent upon the rate and operation of your disks.
Congratulation. You’ve successfully cloned you to a different disk. Click Finish

Updated: March 4, 2020 — 2:51 pm