How Much Does A 3D Printer Cost

There is a wide variety of 3D printers available out there in the market and the price of a 3D printer depends on factors such as the size of a 3D printer, its features, quality, performance, and durability. The cost of a 3D printer varies depending on the specific needs of the user. On average, you can buy a 3D printer for about $700, and most entry-level and hobbyist products are priced ranging from $200-$500. Some expensive 3D printers can also cost you $1500. The enthusiastic and professional 3D printers might cost you anywhere from $1500-$6000, while the industrial ones are priced from $20,000-$100,000. Here, we will discuss what costs you should expect while buying a specific 3D printer.

Entry-level 3D printer :

These entry-level 3D printers are mostly used for learning purposes. If you do not have enough exposure to this technology, we would recommend you to go for an entry-level 3D printer. It will help you to learn while practicing on a real 3D printer. You can buy these inexpensive 3D printing machines anywhere from “$100- $400.” You might experience a few restrictions with your 3D printing experiments while using these entry-level 3D printing machines due to their limited functionality. However, operating a 3D printing machine is in itself a massive skill and these entry-level machines can help you equip such skills. These printers can print up to 3-4 inches in any dimension, and some entry-level machines may also allow you to use only one material for printing.Want anything other than 3d printer ? Go through multifunction Printers list here before choosing.

3D Printer

3D printer for Hobbyist: 

When you have learned the skill of operating a 3D printing machine, you should move to a better machine if you wish to print for a hobby. These hobbyist 3D printers are faster than entry-level machines and they also print better quality parts. You can buy a good quality hobbyist 3D printer between the range of “$400-$2000.” They are durable and if you take good care of these machines, they can go well for a long span. These machines do not make much noise and if you want to test your 3D printing skills for real, these machines fall in the economical category of your 3D printing needs.

Enthusiast 3D printing machines :

Before you choose between a hobbyist 3D printer and an enthusiast 3D printing machine, you need to first learn the difference between these two. A hobbyist only wishes to give shape to their imagination and confirm their 3D printing skills. While the enthusiast category aims to bring their designs ready for business in the future. Enthusiasts may try to sell their 3D printed items online to check the reviews. So, a 3D printer for enthusiasts must have better features and you can buy these machines from “$2000-$4000.” These printing machines can print up to 12 inches in any dimension and are much faster and quieter than the choices listed above.

3D printers for professionals :

The cost of these professional 3D printing machines ranges from “$4000-$7000.” These are user-friendly machines and offer great quality printing. However, these machines lack the mass production availability and cannot be used for industrial purposes.

Industrial 3D printer :

An industrial 3D printer can cost you anywhere from “$15,000 to $100,000.” These machines are usually made up of metal and come with a higher maintenance cost. Their 3D printing results are amazing and most machines come as stand-alone units. They are mostly used for creating functional prototypes.

Updated: May 26, 2020 — 4:31 pm